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Apollon Gym, established in 1975, has firmly solidified itself as one of the top hardcore gyms in the country. For decades Apollon has been regularly recognized as one of the top 10 hardcore gyms by many reputable sources, including Flex Magazine and Muscular Development, and was ranked as one of the best by 6-time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates, himself known for his intense training, who was among many legends who trained at Apollon Gym.

Besides “The Shadow,” some of the other Bodybuilding legends that trained inside the legendary gym include Kai Greene, Markus Ruhl, Victor Martinez, Kevin Levrone, Evan Centopani, Guy Cisternino, Alex Fedorov, Shaun Clarida, Derek Lunsford, Dexter Jackson and many others. In fact, Rich Gaspari calls Apollon his “home gym.”

Apollon Gym is not only known as a Bodybuilding gym, it is also home to many accomplished powerlifters and athletes from different sports and those who seek a real and serious training environment.

In today’s day and age where commercial, mainstream chain fitness centers seem to be the new norm, gyms like Apollon are like rare gems, that are hard to find.

If you are looking for a true, “old school”, hardcore gym, then you came to the right place.

Proudly, Apollon Gym is also the headquarters of the best hardcore premium sports supplement brand Apollon Nutrition, established in 2015, as the in-house brand for the Apollon Gym family that is now available worldwide.

Apollon Gym is a welcoming environment for people at all stages of their fitness journey. From experienced hardcore athletes to those just starting out, there is plenty of equipment and helpful resources to get the results you are looking for.