Apollon Fill-N-Go Powder Funnel

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Make taking your supplements on the go and using them mess-free a whole lot easier with the Apollon Fill-N-Go Funnel. You don't always want to lug around a large container of protein powder or amino acids when you're traveling, out and about in town, and/or taking your supplements to the gym. And when you do, scooping powder into your shaker cup or water bottle can be a huge mess. With the Fill-N-Go Funnel, these problems are solved. This ingenious tool holds a full serving of protein, pre-workout, or post-workout powder, and it also functions as a funnel that comes in handy when you're trying to pour your powder into a small-mouth water bottle. The Fill-N-Go Funnel is functional but portable, so you can throw it into any gym bag, backpack, or briefcase, or even put it in your pocket.